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About Us

At Bokyna we believe in “Feel Good Sandals!” always and forever.
That’s why everything we do, we do it for you!
Because happy people are the most beautiful ones.

Bokyna is about an attitude, a state of mind, positive energy that surrounds you, and puts a smile on your face!

When deciding to buy Bokyna, you’re not buying just a pair of sandals but a whole experience. It’s the experience of doing good and feeling good. Now only that Bokyna sandals are handmade with care, using special colour combinations, but these sandals are super comfy for all day walks.

What you should know is that we are a small, but reliable brand where every customer is valued!

We believe Bokyna is a universe of positivity and joy of life!

At Bokyna we want women to make the most of the way they feel inside and on the outside, that’s why we care equally about the looks of our sandals and about how they feel while walking!

The color combinations and styles are custom-made by our talented designer and come in limited edition! We find our inspiration in people and nature and we try to bring this into our customers' lives! 

Bokyna sandals are easy to match with different outfit styles, being suitable for different occasions! You will never get bored with Bokyna!

Bokyna sandals are resistant and look good! Our sandals are handmade with love and respect for people and society!

Thank you for choosing Bokyna!

We ❤️ our happy clients!